v0.10 released


We’ve released v0.10.  The big items this time around:

  • kernel client: some cleanup, unaligned memory access fixes
  • much debugging of MDS recovery: kernel client will now correctly untar, compile kernel with MDS server running in a 60 second restart loop.
  • a few misc mds fixes
  • osd recovery fixes
  • userspace client: many bug fixes, now quite stable
  • librados improvements


  • libceph: a thin wrapper around the POSIXy ceph interface

which is being used to write a file system ‘Broker’ for the Hypertable distributed database project.  We’re also planning on (finally) getting the Hadoop ceph client in working order.

We’re also continuing to work on the librados object storage layer, including a standalone fastcgi-based gateway exposing an S3-compatible restful interface, the goal being a drop-in replacement for apps using S3. (It won’t let you use the rados snapshots or object classes, though, and won’t scale as efficiently.)

As far as testing goes, we’re filling up a 100TB cluser locally and will start failure testing on that shortly.  And this past week we’ve been thorougly testing single-node) MDS recovery.  Next up is looping OSD restarts and power cycling.

Major todo items coming up next:

  • client authentication
  • additional metadata to facilitate catastrophic rebuild of fs hierarchy
  • stabilize clustered mds

We’ve also sent the Linux kernel client code off to LKML and -fsdevel again, and are continuing to work toward a merge into the mainline kernel.

UPDATE: Here are the relevant URLs: