v0.2 Released


The kernel client is holding up well under the latest round of testing, so I’ve cut a v0.2 release and am sending an announcement to LKML and linux-fsdevel. Notable in this release:

  • fully functional and reasonably stable kernel client
  • NFS re-export of a ceph client mount
  • client metadata leases for strict client cache coherency and improved performance
  • crushtool for managing storage cluster topology
  • improved support for storage cluster expansion
  • new tools for mkfs and management
  • lots and lots of bug fixes

So far, the v0.3 todo list includes:

  • hardening OSD distributed failure recovery code
  • xattrs
  • large directory support (in client)
  • recursive mtime and file size (i.e., directory size is sum of sizes of all files and subdirectories)

Please grab the source and take a look.