Introduction to cloud-native storage

Persistent storage for dynamic workloads

When considering a move from a hosted or public container infrastructure solution it is important to think about what you will need from a storage system. Cloud-native application delivery is highly dynamic, and persistent storage tends to be static, what concepts are important to understand to safely bring the two together?

A Ceph based storage system will give you much greater control over cost, but you will need to consider the needs of your users, the access methods of their applications, their performance requirements, and most importantly how to protect the data that your organisation relies on. It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

So, where to begin?

Download the “Introduction to cloud-native storage” white paper here to learn more about proviing storage to cloud-native applications.

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    Browse further examples of how Ceph brings efficient, reliable storage to organizations at any scale, across a broad variety of industries and applications.

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    Ceph's flexibility is one of its many strengths. It can be adapted to perfectly suit your storage needs, with industry-leading levels of data availability and resilience.

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    Efficient, reliable data distribution and freedom from vendor lock-in are just the start of the reasons why more and more organizations are making the switch to Ceph.

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