New in Luminous: Zabbix


The Ceph manager service (ceph-mgr) was introduced in the Kraken release, and in Luminous it has been extended with a number of new python modules. One of these is a module exporting overall cluster status and performance to Zabbix.

Enabling the dashboard module

The Zabbix module is included in the ceph-mgr package, so if you’ve upgraded to Luminous then you already have it! Enabling the Zabbix module is done with a single command:

$ ceph mgr module enable zabbix

Configuring the module

The module needs just a small amount of configuration to work:

  • Hostname of Zabbix server
  • Identifier for Ceph cluster in Zabbix

These can be set as config-key options inside Ceph:

$ ceph zabbix config-set zabbix_host zabbix-server.local $ ceph zabbix config-set identifier ceph.local

Zabbix template

In the source directory of the module a XML template file can be found which can be imported into Zabbix.

Create a host and link the host to the newly created template. Make sure the host has the same name as the identifier configured in the Ceph config-key parameter.


The Zabbix modules registers a few commands.  One of these is the ability to immediately send data to Zabbix, and the other simply shows the current configuration:

$ ceph zabbix config-show $ ceph zabbix send

Using it

After a few minutes, data should start to appear in Zabbix under 'Lastest Data' and graphs will start to populate for the host.

Multiple triggers are pre-configured in the template which will send out notifications if you configure your Actions in Zabbix.

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