Ceph Developer Summit: Infernalis


Hey Cephers, it's that time again...time for another Ceph Developer Summit! As Hammer winds its way through the maze of QA and release procedures we need to start looking forward to what will come with Infernalis (which is a cool lookin' squid if you haven't seen it yet). Blueprint submissions are now open for any and all work that that you would like to contribute or request of community developers. Please submit as soon as possible to ensure that it gets a CDS slot.

There will be one slight change this time around in an attempt to further centralize information. While blueprint submissions will still occur via the usual method on the wiki, all of that information will be captured in the etherpad which will be the canonical document going forward. If people like this method we'll probably shift to a completely etherpad-based blueprint process to make it easier to capture and evolve the work for each item.

The rough schedule of CDS and Infernalis in general should look something like this:

16 FEBBlueprint submissions begin
27 FEBBlueprint submissions end
02 MARSummit agenda announced
03 MARCeph Developer Summit: Day 1
04 MARCeph Developer Summit: Day 2 (if needed)
July 2015Infernalis Release

As always, this event will be an online event (utilizing the BlueJeans system) so that everyone can attend from their own timezone. If you are interested in submitting a blueprint or collaborating on an existing blueprint, please click the big red button below!

Submit Blueprint

scuttlemonkey out