Ceph Developer Summit: Emperor


It’s that time again! Time for the (virtual) Ceph Developer Summit. We are currently accepting community blueprints for ‘Emperor,’ the next stable release of Ceph, which is due out in November. This summit will be slightly different from the Dumpling summit in that it will be spread over two days to give some of our more geographically disparate community members the opportunity to participate. Below you can find the timeline for all summit activities.

03 JULBlueprint submissions begin
30 JULBlueprint submissions end
01 AUGSummit agenda announced
05 AUGCeph Developer Summit: Day 1
06 AUGCeph Developer Summit: Day 2
NovemberEmperor Release

If you are interested in submitting a blueprint, collaborating on an existing blueprint, or just attending to learn more about Ceph, read on!

Submit Blueprint

Planned Work

The folks at Inktank are already ramping up work on the next step on asynchronous replication, and the community is continuing the work on erasure coding led by Cloudwatt’s Loic Dachary. There are several other blueprints slated for submission, but we could always use more! If you have an idea for work you would like to do to improve or extend Ceph, please submit it before the developer summit! We welcome all suggestions, even if you don’t have all the skills to complete the work. Now is the time to lobby for help!

If you are interested in looking at some of the available tasks you can also take a spin through the Ceph Tracker. There are many tasks ranging from novice to expert that are available to be tackled, and we love to help new community members get up to speed. Some ideas that might be interesting to newcomers are:

  • Enhance ceph-deploy
  • Extend monitoring plugins (nagios/wireshark/etc)
  • Refine/extend CRUSH maps
  • Solidify MDS horizontal scalability

Your blueprint should be an active document that will be maintained throughout the development process with the eventual goal of becoming the canonical guide on how the feature works. The sky is the limit here. If there is something you would like to see Ceph do, please document how you plan to build the feature as thoroughly as possible (even if you might need a bit of help to finish it) and submit it to our growing pile of blueprints on the Ceph wiki. Then come to the Ceph Developer Summit on August 5th and discuss the available designs with the Ceph developers and community.

The Summit

Just as with the Dumpling developer summit we will be hosting this as a virtual event. This allows much more of our community to participate without the added difficulty of travel. However, to further accomodate our far-reaching community members we have split the Emperor conference across two days, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We are hoping that this will offer better options for those with time zone difficulties.

As before, the underlying purpose of the summit will be to discuss how features should be implemented (rather than which features should be implemented). Once blueprint submission closes, Sage will review all available documents and decide which are the most relevent features that need to be discussed. Simple stand-alone projects probably don’t need a discussion, but please still create the blueprint.

Keep your eyes peeled for the connection details as the event gets closer. We’ll be sure to share them via the blog, twitter, facebook, google+, irc, mailing-list, and general word of mouth. In the meantime, if you have questions, comments, or anything for the good of the cause, feel free to hit up our community team. Looking forward to your suggestions and your bright, smiling faces at the Developer Summit.

scuttlemonkey out