Cephalocon APAC 2018

On March 22-23, 2018 the first Cephalocon in the world was successfully held in Beijing, China. During the two conference days over 1000 people including developers, users, companies, community members and other Ceph enthusiasts attended to the 52 keynotes and talks about Enterprise applications, Development, Operation and Maintenance practices. The full conference report is available here.

When: 22-23 March, 2018
Where: Beijing, China
Venue: JW Marriott Hotel

Conference website

Video recordings

Thursday, March 22

The Ballroom

09:00 – Ceph, the future of Storage
Sage Weil, Ceph Community Founder, Red Hat Senior Consulting Engineer

09:30 – The Kernel of Software Defined Storage
Haomai Wang, XSKY CTO
ZhaoChen, Gome Cloud Product Support Center Deputy Director

10:00 – TECS CloveStorage Distributed Storage
Kun Zhu,ZTE Chief Architect

10:30 – Extending Ceph’s Reach
Tushar Gohad, Principal Engineer Intel
Zhong Xin, Eking General Manager of Cloud Services Business Group

11:00 – Ceph’s journey at SUSE
Lars Marowsky-Brée SUSE Distinguished Engineer, Ceph Advisory Board member
Marc Koderer, SAP OpenStack Evangelist

11:30 – The opportunity and challenge of Enterprise Ceph
Jiaju Zhang, Red Hat Chief Solution Architect, Ceph Community member
Gao Mingxing, China Railway Information Technology Center Technical Support Minister

Session 1 – Development

13:30 – Status and Future of the Ceph File System
Patrick Donnelly, Red Hat CephFS Lead

14:00 – Email Storage with Ceph
Danny Al Gaaf, Deutsche Telekom Senior Cloud Technologist

14:30 – Global Deduplication for Ceph
Myoungwon, SK System Software Developer

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Everything You Wanted to Know About RadosGW
Orit Wassermann, Red Hat RGW Core Developer
Matt Benjamin, Red Hat RGW Lead

16:00 – RGW S3: Features Vs Deep Compatibility
Robin Johnson, DreamHost Ceph Developer

Session 2 – User 1

13:30 – RBD: What Will the Future Bring?
Jason Dillaman, Red Hat Principal Software Engineer

14:00 – SandStone Intelligent Cache for Ceph BlueStore
Hua Rui, SandStone Product Director of SandStone Unified Storage Platform

14:30 – The Operation and Maintenance “Wisdom” Road of Large – Scale All-Flash Memory Ceph Storage Cluster
Wenke Zhao, Netease Chief Technology Officer

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Ceph Goes on Online at Qihoo
Xuehan Xu, Qihoo 360 Distributed Storage System Engineer

16:00 – Erasure Coding Big Data Scalability
Thomas William Byrne, Science and Technology Facilities Council Linux System Admin

Session 3 – User 2

13:30 – RADOS Improvements and Roadmap
Greg Farnum,Red Hat RADOS Core Developer
Josh Durgin, Red Hat RADOS Lead
Kefu Chai, Red Hat Senior Software Engineer

14:00 – Ceph & The future of Open Source Storage
Land Lu, Canonical LTD BD Director

14:30 – Hybrid Cloud Based on Ceph Object Storage
ShanChun,Tencent Development Engineer

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Unlock Bigdata Analytic Efficiency with Ceph Data Lake
Zhang Jian, Intel Software Engineer Manager
Fu Yong, Intel Software Engineer Manager

16:00 – Build a High Available NFS Cluster Based on CephFS
Shangzhong Zhu, ZTE Software Engineer

16:30 – Basic and Advanced Analysis of Ceph Volume Backend Driver in Cinder
John Haan, Netmarble Devops Engineer

Session 4 – Operations

13:30 – Common Support Issues And How To Troubleshoot Them
Michael Hackett, Red Hat Engineer
Vikhyat Umrao, Red Hat Engineer

14:00 – Pinpoint Ceph Bottleneck Out of Cluster Behavior Mists
Yingxin Cheng, Intel Software Engineer

14:30 – Running Ceph on Flashcache
Paweł Sadowski, OVH DevOps

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Automatic Deployment and Operation of Ceph Based on Kolla
Liang Xin, Beijing Galaxy Cloud Operation Maintenance Director

16:00 – Accelerating Ceph with iWARP RDMA over Ethernet
Brien Porter, Intel Software Engineer
Haodong Tang, Intel Software Engineer

Friday, March 23

The Ballroom

09:00 – Ceph for Big Science
Dan van der Ster, CERN Storage Engineer and Ceph Advisory Board member

09:30 – The New Boundary for Unified Storage
Rongze Zhu, UMCloud Director

10:00 – Ceph-Based Large-Scale Application Case and Technology in Financial Industry
Wang Gang, Yuancore Cloud Technology Co-Founder/ R&D General Manager
Lan Dongping, PingAn Technology Storage Lead

10:30 – Accelerating Ceph Performance with High Speed Networks and Protocols
Qingchun Song, Mellanox Sr. Director of Marketing

11:00 – Ceph in China
Song Jiayu, Dostor Chief Editor
Ray Sun, Ceph China Community Co-Founder
Gao Mingxing, China Railway Information Technology Center Technical Support Minister
Liu Junwei, China Mobile Soft Cloud Computing Products Division General Manager Assistant
Bao Yongcheng, JD Infrastructure Department Cluster Technology Department Lead
Zhang Jiaju, Red Hat Chief Solution Architect, Ceph Community Member

Session 1 – Development

13:30 – Experiences Building a Distributed Shared-log on RADOS
Noah Watkins, UCSC Graduate Student

14:00 – Ceph Manager and Monitoring with Dashboard V2
Lenz Grimmer, SUSE Engineering Team Leader

14:30 –  Ceph QoS : How to support QoS in distributed storage system
Taewoong Kim, SK Manager

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Reconsidering Tracing in Ceph
Mohamad Gebai, SUSE Software Engineer

16:00 – Design realization and application of RBD-NBD
Wang Li, Ceph Member CCF, Member DiDisenior Technical Expert, PhD

Session 2 – User 1

13:30 – Petabyte Scale Object Storage Service Using Ceph in A Private Cloud
Varada Kari, Flipkart System Engineer

14:00 – A New Way to Build A Ceph-powered Data Lake for Big Data
Tao Chen, UMCloud Software Engineer

14:30 – Stor4NFV: Exploration of Cloud-native Storage in OPNFV
Ren Qiaowei, Intel Software Engineer
Wang Hui, Huawei Software Engineer

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Building the Production Ready EB-level Storage Product from Ceph
Dongmao Zhang, Eking

16:00 – Making Ceph Awesome on Kubernetes with Rook
Bassam Tabbara, Upbound Founder and CEO

Session 3 – User 2

13:30 – Optimized Scatter/Gather Support for Parallel Storage
Carlos Maltzahn, CROSS Director, University of California Adjunct Professor

14:00 – RGW Beyond Cloud – Massive Video Storage with Ceph
Shengjing Zhu, UMCloud Software Engineer
Yiming Xie, UMCloud Software Engineer

14:30 – Automatic Operation Bot for Ceph
You Ji,Ebay

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – DeepSea: Deployment and Management of Ceph with Salt
Joshua Schmid, SUSE Software Engineer

16:00 – Doing QoS Before Ceph Cluster QoS is Available
David Byte, SUSE Senior Technology Strategist
Alex Lau, SUSE Storage Consultant

Session 4 – Operations

13:30 – Averting crisis at mult-petabyte scale
Piotr Dałek, OVH Software Engineer

14:00 – Performance tuning in BlueStore & RocksDB
Li Xiaoyan, Intel Software Engineer

14:30 – Linux Block Cache Practice on Ceph BlueStore
Junxin Zhang, Lenovo Advisory Software Developer

15:00 – Market place plus tea break

15:30 – Ceph Client (librbd) Performance Analysis and Learnings
Mahati Chamarthy, Intel Software Engineer

16:00 – Application and Practice of Ceph in China Telecom Intensive Tianyi HD Project
Su Shuai, CDN Operation Center Senior Technical Manager