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  • July 29, 2015
    Sorting Ceph backport branches

    When there are many backports in flight, they are more likely to overlap and conflict with each other. When a conflict can be trivially resolved because it comes from the context of a hunk, it’s often enough to just swap … Continue reading

  • July 24, 2015
    Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack

    If an OpenStack tenant (account in the OpenStack parlance) is available, the Ceph integration tests can be run with the teuthology-openstack command , which will create the necessary virtual machines automatically (see the detailed instructions to get started). To do … Continue reading

  • July 24, 2015
    OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015: Vote for Presentations
    As mentioned before: then next OpenStack Summit will take place in Tokyo, Japan from 27-30 October 2015. The “Call for Speakers” ended some days ago and now the vote for presentation period started and will end 30. July, 11:59 PDT (31. July  6:59 UTC / 08:59 CEST). 
    I’ve submitted for Toky two talks:

    • 99.999% available OpenStack Cloud – A builder’s guide” – This talk will provide insight in how to build a highly available OpenStack cloud together with Ceph in a classical highly available data centers with e.g. two fire compartments and redundant infrastructure. The focus will be on failure scenarios and their impact on OpenStack and Ceph components, quorum devices you have to consider, strategies on how to ensure quorums and keep the cloud running, pitfalls and solutions.
    • NFV orchestration powered by OpenStack” – This talk would be about existing OpenStack orchestration projects and how they can be used to manage a NFV Cloud, how they integrate, what is missing, and how to map these projects on the ETSI-NFV model.
    You can vote, if you are interested to see my talks [1][2] at the summit, every vote is highly welcome. You can find a full abstract at the voting page.
    My colleague Ralf Trezeciak submitted also a NFV related talk. He will appreciate your votes for sure, if you are interested in the presentation.
    There is a long list of interesting Ceph related talks, simply use the search field on the voting page. I may provide a list in an additional post later.
  • July 21, 2015
    HOWTO setup a postgresql server on Ubuntu 14.04

    In the context of the teuthology (the integration test framework for Ceph, there needs to be a PostgreSQL available, locally only, with a single user dedicated to teuthology. It can be setup from a new Ubuntu 14.04 install with: sudo … Continue reading

  • July 14, 2015
    OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Call for Speakers

    The next OpenStack Summit will take place in Tokyo, Japan from 27-30 October 2015. The Call for Speaker period is open since some days and will close on July 15th, 2015, 11:59 PM PDT (July 16th, 08:59 CEST).You can submit your presentations here. I my…

  • July 13, 2015
    oneliner to deploy teuthology on OpenStack

    Note: this is obsoleted by Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack The teuthology can be installed as a dedicated OpenStack instance on OVH using the OpenStack backend with: nova boot \ –image ‘Ubuntu 14.04’ \ –flavor ‘vps-ssd-1’ \ –key-name … Continue reading

  • July 11, 2015
    Running your own Ceph integration tests with OpenStack

    Note: this is obsoleted by Ceph integration tests made simple with OpenStack The Ceph lab has hundreds of machines continuously running integration and upgrade tests. For instance, when a pull request modifies the Ceph core, it goes through a run … Continue reading

  • July 8, 2015
    configuring ansible for teuthology

    As of July 8th, 2015, teuthology (the Ceph integration test software) switched from using Chef to using Ansible. To keep it working, two files must be created. The /etc/ansible/hosts/group_vars/all.yml file with: modify_fstab: false The modify_fstab is necessary for OpenStack provisioned … Continue reading

  • June 26, 2015
    Jewel – Ceph Developer Summit

    The next (virtual) Ceph Developer Summit is coming. The agenda has been finally announced for the 1.and 2. of July 2015. The fist day starts at 07:00 PDT (16:00 CEST) and the second day starts at 18:00 PDT on 2. July or rather 03:00 CEST on 03.July.&nb…

  • June 25, 2015
    DOST 2015: Ceph Security Presentation

    After two days the first “Deutsche OpenStack Tage” ended. There have been many interesting presentations and discussions on OpenStack and also Ceph topics. You can find the slides from my talk about “Ceph in a security critical OpenStack Cloud” on slid…

  • June 15, 2015
    Deutsche OpenStack Tage 2015

    Next week, from 23.-24.06.2015, the “German OpenStack Days” (Deutsche OpenStack Tage) take place in Frankfurt. I will give a talk about “Ceph in a security critical OpenStack Cloud” on Wednesday. The presentations are conducted in German, so it’s …

  • June 6, 2015
    Teuthology docker targets hack (5/5)

    The teuthology container hack is improved to run teuthology-suite. For instance: ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-suite \ –distro ubuntu \ –suite-dir $HOME/software/ceph/ceph-qa-suite \ –config-file docker-integration/teuthology.yaml \ –machine-type container \ –owner \ –filter ‘rados:basic/{clusters/fixed-2.yaml fs/btrfs.yaml \ msgr-failures/few.yaml tasks/rados_cls_all.yaml}’ \ –suite rados/basic –ceph ANY \ … Continue reading