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February 4, 2016

University of Innsbruck creates scalable and agile infrastructure with Ceph and OpenStack

In my team we are used to constantly reinventing ourselves and our
services, to stay competitive with the market and satisfy our
costumers growing demand on mobility of data and services. Private
clouds based on Openstack and Ceph help us keep data safe, while
offering cloud services similar to global cloud providers Google,
Amazon and Microsoft. hastexo is supporting us in a great way to
drive this change.

Gregor Schwab, Cloud Technologies Team Lead at University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck is one of the
largest universities in Austria with more than 28,000 students
currently enrolled. To extend and improve IT services offered to staff
and students, the institution has decided to adopt Ceph as its
preferred Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution, and OpenStack as
its cloud platform. hastexo is supporting the university with design
and architecture
implementation services
and training around
Ceph and

Open source technology is key for the university’s data center
operations. This includes platforms like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and
CentOS, the Puppet system automation and deployment framework, and the
Foreman lifecycle manager. While working with hastexo, the university
identified a need for improved integration of Puppet and Foreman with
Ceph, and hastexo’s team promptly delivered. In best open-source
community fashion, hastexo built on work previously done by community
developers on the puppet-ceph framework, working upstream and
contributing the improvements back to the community.

Throughout the process from the early stages to the actual
implementation, the university’s data center operations team commended
hastexo’s extensive knowledge around Ceph and OpenStack. They
especially appreciated hastexo’s ability to provide solutions tailored
specifically to the university’s use-case.

hastexo will continue to assist the university in the deployment and
optimization of open source cloud technology.

Source: Hastexo (University of Innsbruck creates scalable and agile infrastructure with Ceph and OpenStack)