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February 7, 2016

HX212 is live! Our hottest Ceph course just got better.

Last week I blogged
about our brand new hastexo Academy platform, and today we’re
announcing our first course as open for business. In content,
Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals (HX212)
is quite similar to our extremely popular
HX112 face-to-face class
— in delivery, it couldn’t be any more different.

Learning technology, 21st century style

is, of course, based on your hastexo Academy Open
platform. And this platform
enables us to radically depart from what you usually know from
learning platforms. We don’t have a talking head explaining things to
you. We don’t subject you to a video sermon. We allow you to go
through lessons at your own natural pace,
which is likely faster
than anything video-based can cover — if you’re anything like any
other person, you’ll read much faster than anyone can talk.

And most importantly, thanks to our awesome hastexo XBlock, we can
provide you with on-demand lab environment at a moment’s notice.
You just enter a lab, and magic1 happens that spins up your
very own multi-node cluster, which you can then run your course labs

Labs are highly immersive and realistic: you’ll learn how to spin
up a Ceph cluster, MONs and OSDs, how to interact with RADOS, create
RBD volumes, deploy radosgw, and even configure CephFS. At the end of
each lab, your progress is automatically assessed at the touch of a
button, and you get immediate, direct feedback on whether or not you
completed the lab successfully. And if at any time you do get stuck or
need help, you have a discussion board and a wiki to reach out to your
instructor and learning peers.

Great stuff, brought to you by an awesome team

We’re proud to bring you this course as an example of excellent team
collaboration. Adolfo Brandes wrote
the majority of our XBlock code, the course itself is a collaboration
of everyone at hastexo, and Syed
wrote the automated lab

Grab it while it’s hot!

HX212 is available immediately
from our store
at a list price of €699 (excluding applicable tax2) and is on
launch sale until the end of the month at €499.

  1. OK, it’s not real magic. It’s completely open source tech we
    wrote that leverages the awesomeness of OpenStack and Open edX
    and that anyone can use. But
    it’s as cool as magic. 

  2. Yes, tax. This details of this are super complicated and
    warrant a blog post in and of itself, but if you are based in
    Europe and you’re not a business, we do have to assess VAT. So if
    you’re learning Ceph as part of your job, make sure you get your
    company to sign off on it, and get the billing address, legal
    company name, and VATIN from your accounting department. 

Source: Hastexo (HX212 is live! Our hottest Ceph course just got better.)