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August 31, 2017

Get cracking with Ceph 12.2 Luminous!

I’ve repeatedly blogged
about our Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals (HX212) course,
which enables you to learn the fundamentals of the Ceph distributed
storage platform, and apply your new knowledge in a fully distributed
learning environment where you build your own Ceph cluster. Like all
of our courses on hastexo Academy, HX212 is
refreshed monthly, and the September 2017 course run comes with some
very interesting news.

Ceph 12.2 Luminous: the next generation

The 12.2 Luminous release,
announced on August 29,
is a big leap for Ceph. It is the first release with a new OSD backend
(BlueStore), there is better support for EC pools, ceph-mgr has been
added, and there are a multitude of other improvements across the

What’s new in HX212?

We’ve actually had some support for Luminous in our August HX212
course run, but we can finally make it official now that the release
dropped. The September run
has a bunch of interesting additions.

Updates from Jewel to Luminous

By popular demand (we listen to our customers), we chose not to just
rebase the entire course on Luminous. Instead, HX212 learners will
continue to start out deploying a cluster based on the prior release,
Jewel — and then run through a full, live, no-downtime upgrade


We’re also combining that with another new piece of technology we want
to introduce you to: rather than upgrading your cluster with
ceph-deploy, you can now take over the entire cluster with Ansible
(making use of the ceph-ansible set
of roles and playbooks), which exposes you to another very popular way
of managing Ceph clusters.

BlueStore (of course)

And finally, we’re showing you how you can convert your entire
cluster, OSD by OSD, to BlueStore. Not only does this give you the
ability to explore and experiment with BlueStore, it also illustrates
what little disruption a FileStore to BlueStore migration causes.

Want to know more?

We’re always happy to answer questions you may have about HX212 or any
other courses in our
curriculum. Feel free to drop us a line!

Source: Hastexo (Get cracking with Ceph 12.2 Luminous!)