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June 14, 2017

Ceph Docker better support for Bluestore


I have been extensively working on ceph-docker for the last few months and it’s getting better.
With the upcoming arrival of Ceph Luminous (next LTS), Bluestore will be the default backend to store objects.
Thus, I had to spend some time working on improving the support for Bluestore.

Now, if you want to prepare a device with Bluestore you can specify different device for:

  • OSD_DEVICE: device where data will be stored
  • OSD_BLUESTORE_BLOCK_DB: device that store RocksDB metadata
  • OSD_BLUESTORE_BLOCK_WAL: device that stores RocksDB write-ahead journal

See it in action, this is the command to prepare a Bluestore OSD:

$ docker run -d 
-v /etc/ceph:/etc/ceph
-v /var/lib/ceph/:/var/lib/ceph/
-v /dev/:/dev/
-e OSD_DEVICE=/dev/sda

Soon, Bluestore will be the ‘real’ default and the OSD_BLUESTORE=1 won’t be necessary anymore.

Hopefully, more posts coming soon :).

Source: Sebastian Han (Ceph Docker better support for Bluestore)