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December 5, 2016

Ceph ansible is building its community

Ceph ansible is building its community

This blog just relays what the initial announcement of the ceph-ansible mailing list.

Hello community!

ceph-ansible has been growing quite decently for the last couple of year.
I’m glad to see that we now have so many users and contributors.
We are currently implementing a release process within ceph-ansible,
where we will certify stable releases thanks to our recent awesome CI.

The main idea of the mailing is to share communications of the project
but also interact with community members to discuss various subjects.
So this mailing list is not right place to report issues since we have
github issues 🙂 Let’s
stick with a single tool.

You can subscribe to the ceph-ansible mailing list here:

Enjoy and hope to see many of you :).


Source: Sebastian Han (Ceph ansible is building its community)