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November 6, 2016

Automatically deploying Ceph using Salt Open and DeepSea

One key part of implementing Ceph management capabilities within openATTIC
revolves around the possibilities to install, deploy and manage Ceph cluster
nodes in an automatic fashion. This requires remote node management
capabilities, that openATTIC currently does not provide out of the box. For
“traditional” storage configurations, openATTIC needs to be installed on any
storage node that is managed, but you can use a single web interface for
managing all of the node’s storage resources.

Naturally, installing openATTIC on all nodes belonging to a Ceph cluster is
not feasible.

As I mentioned in my post Sneak Preview: Ceph Pool Performance Graphs, SUSE is developing a
collection of Salt files for deploying,
managing and automating Ceph that openATTIC will build on.

The DeepSea Documentation on github
is a good start, but sometimes it’s helpful to get a simple step-by-step guide
on how to get started.

Thankfully, SUSE’s Tim Serong has written up
a nice article that guides you through the various steps and stages involved
in installing Ceph with DeepSea: Hello Salty Goodness.

Hope you enjoy it!

Source: SUSE (Automatically deploying Ceph using Salt Open and DeepSea)