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  • July 9, 2011
    v0.31 released

    We’ve released v0.31. Notable changes include: librados, libceph: can now access multiple clusters in same process osd: snapshot rollback fixes osd: scrub race mds: fixed lock starvation issue client: cache ref counting fixes client: snap writeback, umount hang, cache pressure, other fixes radosgw: atomic PUT There is also the usual mix of bug fixes and […]

  • July 8, 2011
    Linus vs FUSE

    I can’t decide whether Linus is amused or annoyed by the extent to which people hang on his every word, or go nuts over his random rants about this or that. People still talk about his pronouncement about O_DIRECT and tripping monkeys (which has now found a home on the open(2) man page). The latest […]

  • June 28, 2011
    v0.30 released

    We’re pushing out v0.30. Highlights include: librbd: Fixed race/crash mds: misc clustered mds fixes mds: misc rename journaling/replay fixes mds: fixed flock deadlock when processes die during lock wait osd: snaptrimmer fixes, misc races, recovery bugs auth: fixed cephx race/crash librados: rados bench fix librados: flush radosgw: multipart uploads debian: gceph moved to separate package […]

  • June 16, 2011
    v0.29.1 released

    We’ve released 0.29.1 with a few fixes. The main thing is a fix for a
    race condition in librbd that was biting people using rbd with qemu/kvm.
    There was also a fixed memory leak in the OSD. The shortlog is below.

    Relevant URLs:
    * Direct download at:
    * Debian/Ubuntu packages: see

    Greg Farnum (1):
    man: update cosd man page to include info on flush-journal option.

    Josh Durgin (3):
    librbd: fix AioCompletion race condition
    librbd: add AioCompletion debugging
    librbd: fix block_completion race condition

    Sage Weil (5):
    moncaps: whitespace
    mon: weaken pool creation caps check
    Makefile: remove ancient comment
    mkcephfs: fix ceph.conf reference

    Sam Lang (2):
    Fix segfault caused by invalid argument string.
    Fix typo in usage output for –num-osds

    Samuel Just (2):
    ReplicatedPG: make_writeable, use correct size for clone_size entry
    PG: clear scrub_received_maps in scrub_clear_state

  • June 8, 2011
    v0.29 released

    Ceph v0.29 is ready.  Notable changes since v0.28.2 include mds: some fixes for multiple clients accessing the same directory obsync: supports rados/rgw backend osd: fix bug causing recovering objects to be excluded from object listing rados: import/export support for xattrs, incremental updates radosgw: misc fixes libceph: readdir bug fixes osd: fix for various heartbeat failures […]

  • May 29, 2011
    v0.28.2 released

    We’ve tagged v0.28.2, which includes several bugs fixed over the past week.  These include: mds: crash on unlink (uninitialized variable) mds: fix for multiclient writer vs stat hang mds: tolerate ENOENT on journal prezeroing osd: disable automatic marking of objects as lost (paranoia) osd: fix race on pg activation (crash) mkcephfs: fix for mon setup […]

  • May 24, 2011
    v0.28.1 released

    I tagged and uploaded v0.28 a week ago but forgot to blog and email about it. That may be just as well, as there were a number of issues that got fixed last week. I’ll separate out the main items. Changes for v0.28: osd: peering code refactor osd: long object name support osd: removed fragile […]

  • May 5, 2011
    v0.27.1 released

    We’ve released v0.27.1. This includes a few bugfixes for v0.27, including mds: misc journaling and replay bugs mds: fixed –reset-journal cfuse: fixed device major/minor values conf: less noise to stdout osd: fixed file descriptor leak from fiemap operation In short, nothing terribly earth shattering.  v0.28 is about a week away, and will include significant changes […]

  • April 24, 2011
    v0.27 released

    v0.27 is done!  This mostly bugfixes, cleanups, and incremental improvements.  Notably: * lots of cleanups in config file loading, handling, to make library behavior sane, warn on config file errors, etc. * osd: fix out of order ack bug * mount.ceph: uses kernel keys interface (when available) to pass secrets * osd, mon: use new […]

  • April 5, 2011
    v0.26 released

    We tagged v0.26 a few days ago.  Changes since the last release include: misc build, configure, rpm build fixes crypto: support for libnss (which exists in RHEL environments) osd: improved throttling osd: scrub no longer blocks requests osd: vastly improved map update performance osd: recovery fixes librados, osd: support for object locator strings librados: API […]

  • March 22, 2011

    Are you a Linux kernel programmer interested in a job working on the Ceph distributed file system or btrfs?  Are you a C/C++ developer interested in building scalable, fault tolerant and high performance distributed systems?   Are you an experienced QA engineer with a storage or distributed system background?  DreamHost is hiring Ceph engineers for our […]

  • March 15, 2011
    v0.25.1 released

    This a bugfix release.  If you’re using librados or librbd, please upgrade, as there are some small API fixes.  If not, there isn’t anything too critical here aside from some OSD recovery corner cases. * librados: some size_t -> uint64_t type conversions to support large objects * librbd: lots of size_t -> uint64_t conversions for […]