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  • December 22, 2010
    RBD upstream updates

    QEMU-RBD The QEMU-RBD block device has been merged upstream into the QEMU project. QEMU-RBD was created originally by Christian Brunner, and is binary compatible with the linux native RBD driver. It allows the creation of QEMU block devices that are striped over objects in RADOS — the Ceph distributed object store. As with the corresponding […]

  • December 21, 2010
    v0.24 released

    We’ve released v0.24, just in time for the holidays!  Big changes this time around include: mds: many fixes with clustered failure recovery mds: bloom filter to reduce directory reads mds: configurable directory hash functions (for fragmentation) rbd: import/export tools are smart about holes (i.e., use FIEMAP) osd: many recovery improvements, mostly making data available more […]