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We would like to introduce you to Yehuda Sadeh, one of the core developers working on the Ceph project.

Yehuda was the second engineer on the Ceph project and continues to be one of the pillars of development as an Inktank employee.  We recently sat down with Yehuda and asked him a few questions to help the community get to know him a bit better.  Feel free to stop by our irc channel and say hi to Yehuda and the rest of the Ceph engineers.

So! What do you do for a day job?

Inktank / Sr Engineer

Current Projects besides Ceph?

Project marriage + 2. I have a few side projects going on, mainly involving trying to fix stuff that the kids wore out: Wii, Nintendo DS, etc.

How long have you been working on Ceph?

Over 4 years now

What part of Ceph have you worked on most recently?

RADOS Gateway

What other FOSS projects have you worked on?

Ceph is the first FOSS project that I’ve been working on as a core developer. I made some modest contributions mostly as a user (or as a ‘community dev’) to Samba, and to the Linux kernel beforehand.

Where did you go to school?

TAU, BGU — both in Israel

We have a very distributed team, where do you live?

Los Angeles, CA USA

Any passions outside of work?

I love playing old adventure games with my kids. They’re yet to get spoiled by current gaming standards, so they can actually enjoy games like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, etc.

Also, just got back to playing a bit of guitar after years and years of not touching it. Still trying to get back to the old abilities, though doing it pretty aimlessly.

How will the community know when you’ve done your job well?

It’s a team’s effort here. When the users are happy it means that we’ve all done something right.

What made you want to work on Ceph?

Ceph was cool from the start. I was in touch with Sage before he started the kernel file system implementation, and learning the details I knew it’d be an awesome project to be involved in. Adding to the fact that Ceph was part of DreamHost, which is a great company to work for (as is Inktank) it was a no brainer.

I’ve worked in a few start up companies beforehand. These were mostly closed source projects, so there was very little visibility to what we did. With a FOSS project it’s very different. We wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Having a community behind that comments, tests, and sometimes even fixes our stuff, really helps with steering the project to where the users need it to go.

What kinds of development tools do you normally use?

Linux, bash, git, vim, gcc, gdb

What advice would you give aspiring FOSS devs?

Do what you love to do.

If you could ask the Ceph/storage community one question, what would it be?

How can we help you?

How important is the consumption of caffeine to your job performance?

Essential, though in minor doses.

Favorite tech/tool advancement in the last ten years?

First thing off my head is git. It’s just huge. I can’t imagine being able to run any software project without it, let alone distributed projects that involve a large number of developers. While similar tools existed before, having it in the FOSS mainstream has really changed the way we think about software development.

I should also mention the multiple agile development methodologies that have become the norm nowadays. I think that working in iterations, in a smaller digestible cycles is something that should be a second nature for devs. Having companies realizing that waterfall (and alike) is not the way to go is a great step forward.

What is your favorite sci-fi?

Pigs in Space

When you dream in code, what language is it in?

LOGO, mainly drawing circles

What is your favorite Open Source project?

Linux (kernel), git

What is your favorite James Bond Actor?

Sean Connery

Given an extra 10 hours in the day, what would you do with it?

I’ll read books, which is something I’m having trouble finding the time for. Will maybe have some time to get back to old hobbies that have long been neglected.

When are you most productive?

1p – 3p :: Lunch does not lead to food coma.

What future tech are you most hoping will be invented?

Mr. Fusion.

Pirates or ninjas?


Any parting thoughts?

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Yehuda at: github | launchpad

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